Seth Godin makes 2 predictions on what he sees as the most important changes coming in the next 10 years. (Looks like the boomers and their grandchildren are the ones that will move the needle.)

Seth godinYou know the old “when X talks, people listen”? Well with good reason when it comes to Seth Godin. See part of his comments from from his blog post:

“Welcome to the frustration decade (and the decade of change)”

  1. Change: … the revolution is in full swing, and an entire generation is eager to change everything because of it. Hint: it won’t look like the last one with a few bells and whistles added.
  2. Frustration: Baby boomers are getting old… the decade that reality kicks in. …Look for this frustration to be acted out in public, and often.

Seth’s Blog: Welcome to the frustration decade (and the decade of change).

He goes on to say… “the coolest thing is that just about everyone gets to pick which one of these two alternatives they want to spend their time on…”

For me… I have my 30th High School reunion coming up this year and it is amazing to look back and remember what has changed over the past 3 decades. Unbelievable! Now, what does this next decade hold?

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In this video, Matt Cutts from Google talks about where he sees the future of “search” going. More complicated searches, real-time search and more results using “cloud data storage”.

Then he mentions what may be the “biggie” almost as an off the cuff comment… “oh, and just by the way… Mobile will be a big trend as well”

Are you optimizing for Mobile?

{ 0 comments } may be the best source for bloggers anywhere and here are 2 reasons why…

Reason #1 – His last post of 2009 and Reason #2 His first post of 2010 (from AU as I write this in 2009 from NM)

Why are they great posts? Well, probably because they are both a collection of “the Best of 2009”.

From 12-31-2009 “8 Blogging Tips for Beginners

Todays post in the Best of ProBlogger 2009 series is all about the newer blogger and is a collection of some of our more popular posts this year that were aimed at the beginner blogger.

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From 01–01–2010 (AU) “11 More Blog Tips from the Archives

Happy New Year (at least it is here in Australia)! I hope that as you read this you’re full of all kinds of inspiration and motivation for the year ahead.
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Which Twitter Type Are You?

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Local News Reports: Social Media Good for Local Biz

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Not just good for personal use, Social Media boosts local business marketing. (Goes to fulfill Seth Godin’s predictions of “permission marketing”.) Watch the video and get some ideas for your local marketing… 2009 – Year of Social Media – Fresno News – abc30.comAmanda Perez Fresno, California (KFSN) — Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter gained millions [...]

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More Marketing Trend Forecasts… 2010

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Here are #8 and #9 from… MediaPost Publications 10 Things Changing Marketing In 2010 8. Social Media Campaigns Grow Up – Will we stop hearing the word “viral” in 2010? I doubt it, but we can hope to hear it a whole lot less. I think the social media landscape is littered with enough [...]

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